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Infinite rest. So much running around, trying to fix things. Even when we take a seat; we find we can’t relax, our minds still wonder.

‘What should I do?’ ‘What should I have done?’ ‘Why is this happening?’

We torture ourselves with our thoughts. In an endless cycle of doom, we can’t seem to break. In this time we try remember; ‘Oh, ok...what should I do? I have read all about this’

But in the time of need all we have learned seems to escape us. So what do we do? Not get invested at all? Better safe than sorry. ‘Let me not care, yeah that will preserve me’ But then you find you aren’t living and have no momentum. And your wants though ignored, still bubble away underneath; laying dormant. So do I know what to do?... No, I don’t ha. I totally wish I did. Writing it out seems to help. Returning to a place of stillness? Repeating my mantras and hoping and wishing my stubborn heart accepts these words.

I see Universe, that you have me a challenge to see how I would react. Well, now I have realised it is what that was. I choose to accept the challenge and overcome it.

When you see yourself as smaller it is easy to get bull dosed and lost. But when you step back, look at the lesson in the mist of what you are going through. You can see it clearly and actively CHOOSE to overcome it. ‘I won’t be swept away!’ That courage fills the heart with the gusto and energy it needs to come out on top! Don’t get swept away, step back and see you have what it takes to overcome. And overcome, you must! Because all you desire is on the other side of this challenge. Pick up your weapons and charge! You were made for this.

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