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Starting Point

It hit me that in this age of looking for fixes and trying to become what we deem as ‘better’. What is at the fundamental core is a sense of ‘there is something wrong with me’. But is that is ones fundamental belief, no amount of external solution can help.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for learning, growing and expanding. If that is the primary aim, then go for it; it is healthy and natural. But until we start seeing the good in ourselves, we will just be going from place to place attracting things into our lives to validate that warped perception.

This is very much what I have realized about myself. After crying, praying, reading and watching everything I could find. I got to a point when I was crying on my knees saying ‘God I can’t, it’s too much ‘wrong’ with me to fix and I am tired!

Somewhere in there I realized ok what is right in you. Me feeling wrong and that I had so much rebuilding to do; was pretty much an affront to the Creator. We have been given things to learn and make us grow and blossom. Not to crush us.

They say if you don’t know where you are, how can you know where you are going. Therefore it seems to me that the starting point should be a realization of who i am and what I have to offer. That must be the starting point to springboard into higher growths of freedom and abundance which is so desperately craved.

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